About Us

Established in 2006

Beijing Jinwofu Bioengineering Technology Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive medical device high-tech enterprise integrating product research and development, production, sales and service.

There are two production and office premises with a total area of approximately 5,400 sq. ft. Among them, a new cleanroom meeting the requirements of GMP specifications was built in 2022, with an area of nearly 750 sq. ft. It met the production needs of Novel Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) Antigen Rapid Test Kit and other products.


Latest News

We have obtained more than 100 CE record certificates covering respiratory system testing products, digestive system testing products, eugenics series testing products, venereal disease series testing products, infectious disease series testing products, etc. We have become a world-renowned supplier of in vitro diagnostic reagents with high quality.

  • New Covid Options: What you need to know about ...

            EG.5 is spreading rapidly, but experts say it is no more dangerous than previous versions. Another new variant, called BA.2.86, was closely monitored for mutations.        There are growing concerns about Covid-19 variants EG.5 and BA.2.86. In August, EG.5 became the dominant variant in the United States, with the World Health Organization classifying it as a “variant of interest,” meaning it has a genetic change that confers an ad...

  • Jinwofu successfully obtained UK CTDA approval!

    Jinwofu successfully obtained UK CTDA approval!

    It is very difficult to apply for and pass the UK CTDA approval process, the manufacturers who has obtained MHRA registration for novel coronavirus products need to reply within the specified time: whether they are willing to participate in the CTDA approval process, and they can only be launched in the UK as normal after passing CTDA approval process, otherwise the MHRA registration will be revoked. There are only 7 domestic approved companies for novel coronavirus ...

  • Novel coronavirus antigen test reagent with booming oversea market

    Novel coronavirus antigen test reagent with boo...

    “Where there is an epidemic, there will be a need for testing.” Now the spread of a new round of mutant viruses has tightened the epidemic prevention and control work at home and abroad. With the affirmation of antigen rapid test products and the advocacy of home self-test in many countries and regions, the international market for antigen rapid test products is still in short supply. Beijing Jinwofu Bio...

  • Jinwofu successfully obtained the CE certificate of antigen self-test!

    Jinwofu successfully obtained the CE certificat...

    The antigen self-test kits produced by Beijing Jinwofu Bioengineering Technology Co., Ltd. have obtained the EU self-test CE certification qualification. CE self-test certification is different from the conventional CE self-declaration of conformity, it needs to go through the strict technical review of the manufacturer's medical device products by a third-party notified body recognized by the European Union, and also needs to pass the clinical trial requirements of ...

Product Features

● Resisting multiple drug interference; High testing stability and accuracy.
● Easy sampling; Simple operation; Suitable for the whole family.
● Results in 15 minutes; Rapid and sensitive; High accuracy.